All our cleaning products are certified biodegradable cleaning products, made in the UK.

Some of our products are available to buy here so you can continue your Green Cleaning in your own time.

Please note all our cleaning products are NOT tested on animals.

Wood polish

Conditions and revitalises your beloved wooden possessions and surfaces, using a non toxic plant based formula- providing a protective shine and leaving a light Almond fragrance.

Glass and surface cleaner

Plant based technology eliminates dirt, dust, and streaks, to leave a gleaming finish. Uses a Corn based non toxic solvent with a crisp peppermint aroma.

Floor Cleaner (can be applied along with steam mop)

Non wax, non toxic, biodegradable formula leaves floors shiny and clean.

Can be applied along with the steam mop and leaves a light lemon and ginger fragrance.

Multi Surface Cleaner

Non toxic, biodegradable formula using corn and coconut to break down dirt and grime naturally. Leaves surfaces gleaming and fresh. Kills 99.9% of bacteria inc E-coli.

Fragrances to choose from-

Pink grapefruit (A favourite of ours)

French Lavender

Wild rhubarb


Biodegradable and non toxic this thick gel formula cleans with natural citric acid to offer a deep hygienic clean, leaving only a wonderful refreshing spearmint fragrance behind.

Shower & Bath

Free of toxins and chemicals this spray on cleaner uses lactic acid and corn starch to dissolve soap scum and limescale deposits.

Fragranced with ylang ylang and jasmine.


These fabulous revolutionary cleaning cloths remove up to 99.9% of bacteria inc E-coli and listeria, using only water!

Made from high quality micro fiber material they break up and remove grease and dirt- with a different set of cloths used to clean- Marble, Stainless steel, Glass, and Kitchen surfaces, for a wonderful streak free hygienic finish.


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